sâmbătă, 17 aprilie 2010

MDA ROMANIA signed a partnership with the local hall

In December 2009, ADMR local Hall filed a letter of intent to terminate a partnership.

Partnership with City Valcele is a precondition for EU Funding the infrastructure grants.

Driven in partnership with city hall as recommended by the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers signed.

Today January 27, 2010 president of ADMR, Maria Teodorescu met with Mr. Mayor Dumitru Marinescu, both of which signed the Partnership gleaned:

ADMR is the developer" may remain useful to society! "Project for people with muscular dystrophy, to establish a training center and physical recovery.

ADMR aims to encourage educational and professional information among people with disabilities, but that activating and recovery center.

The main objectives of the project:

ADMR The project is committed to provide free assistance and advice to City Hall in the process of this agreement.

Assistance and advice will be given to the project:

• project implementation by financing non-reimbursable European funds;

• preparation and information campaign

• preparing and conducting training seminars to interested parties and local training team members.

• ensuring local team with equipment and consumables during project implementation;

• develop model contracts and making them available to the local council secretary.

The project, jointly with the Hall:

• to develop and use assessment methods to one implementation of the project;

• will carry out project development planning;

• assist owners and local team in implementing and recording project financing agreements;

The project will support the following types of expenses:

The secondary objectives of the project are:

-Increasing number of people with motor disabilities in normal schools and the involvement of this purpose.

-Improving the quality and perception of life for facilitating professional activities and for dealing in motor disabled persons are disadvantaged, appealing to the authorities responsible.

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