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Muscular Distroficilor Association of Romania (MDA ROMANIA), based in Valcele needs help to raise funds for carrying out its business specific opportunity. The association aims primarily to promote the interests of its members through social integration of those suffering from muscular dystrophy.

MDA ROMANIA President, Maria Teodorescu, said that the problems of the organization is not only to revolved around the lack of money for the association programs but also there's a lack of money to create a suitable space for the disabled people especially those the suffer from muscular dystrophy disease.

Currently, the MDA ROMANIA activity takes place in the virtual world, as the bulding of the association after this cold winter is unusable. Association calls for investment in building rehabilitation, and equipment for heating fuel (LPG) and specific equipment maintenance distroficilor gymnastics. ( but this takes more time so we need everybody's support to create a better place for this disabled comunity in Romania )

The only income, Membership fees, 3 euros or 4 dollars

President MDA ROMANIA says that currently does not really have any financial situation, its only income comes from the membership fees - 3 euros or 4 dollars per person per year.

Beyond the urgent needs related to the heating and Rehabilitation of the Association there is a need for an entire modernization, by setting a recovery room, a leisure club with educational games for children and young people, a computer room and a mini library, which will serve including those admitted to the hospital Horia Radu in Valcele ( the only existent recovery center for muscular dystrophy people)

"If we talk about modernization, its headquarters said that this joint project needs to be realized with around 80,000 euros. We thought of accessing European funds, because the building is right in legally, the property of the Association, we have been promised help from City Hall of Valcele and hopefully help of donations. We do not necessarily want money, we could use building materials or donations of all sorts of things needed. We need furniture for bedrooms - including some for the camps that we want to organize for our members, we need new equipment to exercise, bathroom and kitchen equipment also. "said MDA ROMANIA President.

Ignored by our society,
In this context, Maria Teodorescu wanted to launch an appeal to all those who want to help the Association, asking them to this target of 2% of tax.

"We appeal to your goodwill, support and kindness, instead we are offering a smile and the gratitude of those oppressed by fate and the company ignores us all. Romania is going through a very difficult period, it is difficult for each of us to survive financially, but who still have a job, may direct that 2% of income tax to our Association, because any kind of aid is appreciated.

For those who want to provide support and assistance MDA ROMANIA, identification of the Association is:
COD FISCAL: 8896012

cod IBAN lei: RO94RZBR0000060012378811

str. Bailor,Nr. 197, Loc. Vâlcele, jud. Covasna,

Tel.: +4 0720.04.98.19
e-mail: admrvalcele06@yahoo.com

Tel. +4 0720.04.98.19
e-mail: maria_sirghi@yahoo.com

e-mail: danielatontsch@yahoo.com
e-mail: druta.oanacatalina@yahoo.com

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