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MDA ROMANIA celebrates 20 years of outliving

We are very happy as we have a moral supporter in the journalist Horia Deliu, who is the person raises us our spirits when we feel that we break down in our survival to be heard....

ADMR – 20 years of survival

29th 0f March, 2010

Hopes, strains, trobles but we do not make out the success. -

It seems to be yesterday. Although it passed 20 years, I perfectly remember the beginnings. Well, this month it is 20 years since ADMR was founded with the centre to Valcele. Together with the president Stelian Schipor – who at the present is a spokesman and according to his will the function as a leader is officiated by Mrs Maria Teodorescu, we set out our tumultous history of this organisation – it came into being since Revolution as an objective neccesity as all the pacients being in the wheelchair to be integrated with proudy and respect in the new society witch was to be forged then by comparison with the communist period.

At the beginning there was a group formed by some generous patients as Maria Molnar, Ioana Toderascu as well as some medical staff from Radu Horia hospital, Valcele – the doctors Mihai Popescu, Iulian Ionescu. They registered the new association with the CountyTribunal from Covasna and obtained legality with the approval of Department of Health.

Our period was not too easy – said Mr Stelian Schipor with objectivity, acoording to the last years. The mentality of the major people has not changed yet even it was 20 years since Revolution. All the members involved in the association, for example – the doctor Adriana Ghisoiu, doctor Iulian Ionescu, the engineer Iulian Loloiu, Daniel Colcer, Florinel Sfartz, Grigore Lungu, Steluta Diaconu, Mihaela Diaconu, Mihaela Nicolescu, Gheorgh Bratu do their best as this asociation survive.
Along years we achieved different direct contacts with abroad, we developped programmes together, more branches came into being like those from Arad – president Mihai Fighir – and Iasi – president Gheorghe Fighir.

Looking back with.....objectivity -

We actively involved in the building of the elevator from the Hospital of neuromuscle pathology -DR. Radu Horia – which was one of our grievances, because we were carried upstairs by someone.
We also managed to purchase a building in Valcele resort where we have many activities during the warm season but it is damaged inside because of the cold during winter. Not to mention many endowments we have done like a motor transport and many others during all these years.

Last year, in August, during the Yearly General Meeting, we elected a new team, which has the responsibility of developing new programes for our good association working.

Publicy thanks

To review I would propose to the Directory Office that during summer to organise at Valcele a festive Day dedicated to this important event – 20 years of hopes, strains, troubles -
In conclusion, on behalf of my name and my colleagues I worked so many years, we express thanks to all those who were by us, who contributted to all the association achieved. We express thank you, dear friends. Happy annversary, ADMR!

A sad matter of facts

That is true, there were many hopes, strains, troubles and also misunderstandings between members of the association. They are discontented with us, the civile society, the central and local authorithies, because our involvement was too short, too formal.
I confess this matter because I know very well the situation of ADMR as well as its foundation, trying to reflect the truth, the troubles about these tried people. With the only difference that the maliciousness and the disgust of some citizens are too strong according the persons with disabilities.

So, the so-named -hope – which is always evoked by the guvernments, is not caught sight of yet, or it only glimmers for the persons with disabilities, too. And, even if, we, the healthy people, survived as we can, imagine yourselves permanently dependent on somebody, in a wheelchair, all your life, as it says – a full stomach does not know what hunger is – .


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