sâmbătă, 17 aprilie 2010

We are looking for volunteers- MDA RO

My name is Oana Catalina Druta and I'm a volunteer member of the Association Distroficilor Muscular managerial office in Romania with headquarters in place. Valcele, Covasna County will submit a petition on behalf of muscular dystrophy patients to give us a free consultation to access grant funds on infrastructure: rehabilitation of the building where we want to activate and currently can not because they are humane. Initially we want to bring in front a creative workshop where disabled people will assert their talent through exhibitions of all creations. If you respond favorably to this request, 1200 people suffering from this disease will learn to smile. Our office is near the only hospital in the country to diagnose and monitor the muscular dystrophies. Imagine a form of escape when a person is in hospital. It is our important objective. The Association's activity is based on social model of disability, the fact that disability is the social consequence of disease and as such is society that must change to ensure full inclusion of persons with disabilities.

Like any other organization that must raise money to make themselves known in the community, to join the programs depend on sponsors, we have more work to be done. People need opportunities and to capitalize on the chances and those with special needs more, they need incentives, education, appreciation and respect.

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